What people are saying about Alina Saves The Moon

“Who would have thought that a rusty monument to Reading’s industrial past could inspire such a heartfelt story?”

by Fiona Talkington

Presenter BBC Radio 3, and proud Reading resident

Love for Reading’s last remaining Gas Tower has grown ever since its demolition was agreed to make way for new flats. It’s an iconic reminder of Reading’s industrial heritage, and to many residents it’s a landmark which means ‘home’.

Events and exhibitions were planned for the summer of 2020 to bid farewell to the tower but, of course, these plans had to be put on hold. Nevertheless the tower has continued to inspire and local artist Leslee Barron was able to share some of her work with an online exhibition hosted by Reading Fringe Festival.

Although the tower can be seen from many vantage points around Reading, for the residents of Newtown, it’s a neighbour, and a reminder that, when it’s gone, the skyline will change forever.

Alina Chambers can see the tower from her bedroom window; it’s always there to say ‘good morning’ and waiting for a ‘good night’ at bedtime. But what happened when Alina saw that the moon had become stuck in this giant circular steel structure? It simply had to be rescued. With a little imagination, some help from her toys and her mother, Mary Chambers, the story unfolded.

Leslee Barron’s intimate knowledge of Newtown and the tower, the familiar swans on the river, the school nestled within the community, and the rumble of the passing trains has brought Alina’s story to life with her illustrations that capture the joy of a child’s imagination and the character of this historic part of Reading, the beauty of its brick houses, and celebrate our last Gas Tower.

A story for all ages and for all who love Reading.

"I think the 'copter book has been demanded eight or nine times today.

Our grandson was 2 in October and enjoys a good story.

Alina Saves The Moon is his favourite at the moment."



"I was relieved that Alina managed to rescue the Moon - a disaster narrowly avoided by the prompt action of an heroic girl, I would say. We owe her a big cheer!"



A lovely daring tale, where questions are asked and permissions granted!

Nisha Anil

Former CBeebies presenter

The story is an urban adventure with bold illustrations and block colour, fused with digital paintings of local landscapes. There are helicopters, birds, daring feats, flight and a rescue mission to the moon (but not as you think!).

The journey begins with young Alina’s observation while looking out of the window. Her inquisitiveness and concern for the world around her springs her into action. Armed with a confident solution and with her family’s help, ‘Alina Saves The Moon’ (and the world!), all in time for her sister to go to school.

A lovely daring tale, where questions are asked and permissions granted!

"The books look amazing. Love the whole feel of it! Leslee's artwork brings a warm fuzzy feeling that transports you in to the story. I’m sure my Grandchildren and friends’ children will love it. Reminds me of books I read as a child. I used to love the Lucie Atwell books especially.”