The Gas Tower Gallery team have been inundated with wonderful photos of the gas tower in all its different moods - it's been amazing to see just how many diverse views are possible. The Moods gallery presents a few of our favourites.

The Tower's Last Summer - by Ellie Bell Hunt

Just days before the scheduled demolition of the gas tower, the sun came out - a last blast of summer and a last farewell. The pool at the back of the Jolly Angler's pub gives an almost Mediterranean view of the tower. Raise your glasses!

Purple Loosestrife - by Tori Yates

Tori's subject is the purple loosestrife growing along the side of the river - a colourful contrast to the tower in the background.

Tower and Barge - by Ed Woloszyn

There are surprisingly few photographs of river traffic in the Gas Tower Gallery, even though river users come closer to the tower than anyone else. Ed's photo of a passing barge has a painterly quality, capturing the calm of a summer day on the river. The texture of water and bridge are so detailed you could almost reach out and touch them, while the tower in the background is impressionistic, as if put in place with a few brushstrokes.

The only thing constant in life is change - by Lex Moon Photography

Lex says: "This photo was taken on 12th of June whilst exploring the Kennet and Avon canal with my camera in the sunshine. I just loved this less commonly photographed angle of the iconic East Reading skyline."

Instagram: @lexmoonphotography

Tower at Night, 2016 - by Callum Cromwell

The tower at night, with floodlights in the background emphasising its industrial surroundings. With the sky weirdly lit on the horizon, the school and surrounding residential buildings look small and out of place in this strange nightscape!

Moody Sunset - by Leslee Barron

Leslee's image captures the evening view of the tower across the back gardens of Newtown's terraces. The tower dominates the houses but its ironwork is surprisingly intricate against the fiery backdrop of the sky.

Leslee is also the illustrator of Alina Saves The Moon. More of Leslee's work can be seen here, and is available for purchase from her RedBubble shop.

Seagulls at the Gas Tower - by Gabriele Gelsi

The tower is a favourite resting place for many birds. This old pipe (as featured in Alina Saves The Moon) is particularly popular!

Instagram: @gabrielegelsi

Communicating with the Sky - by Alice

Alice took this photo on her first visit to Reading. She writes:

This is my first time in Reading, I walked Kennet River and found the Gas Tower, I wasn't aware of these buildings before.

My first thinking when I saw this scenery is that the Gas Tower is communicating with the cloud and blue sky, do you agree?

I would like to share this photo with all Gas Tower lovers.

Tower By Night - by Katïe G

Katïe G's nighttime close-ups give a new perspective on the tower - a weirdly lit, somewhat alien landscape with a dizzying view of the streets of Newtown.


Instagram: @keiteiventures