The Snow Room

by Rebecca Stevens

The Snow Room

Welcome to the Snow Room!

When snow fell on the tower, perhaps for the last time, we all rushed to photograph it into our collective memories. We received so many beautiful and diverse photographs of the tower in the snow, we decided to create a special room just for them. It's a bit chilly in here!

by Laurence Farmer

by Mimi

by Simon Peter French

by Simon Peter French

by Les Pullen

by Mary Chambers

by Anna Ryman

by Stephen Dilley

by Penelope Dwelly


by Susan Rivers

...and Fog

by Leslee Barron

by Leslee Barron

by Karen Rumbol

And finally...

Pete Wheeler used to live on Cumberland Road and took this photo on a snowy day in early 2018 (Beast from the East time!) with the tower at the bottom.